Robust Stabilization and Synchronization of a Novel Chaotic System with Input Saturation Constraints

Entropy (Basel). 2021 Aug 27;23(9):1110. doi: 10.3390/e23091110.


In this paper, the robust stabilization and synchronization of a novel chaotic system are presented. First, a novel chaotic system is presented in which this system is realized by implementing a sigmoidal function to generate the chaotic behavior of this analyzed system. A bifurcation analysis is provided in which by varying three parameters of this chaotic system, the respective bifurcations plots are generated and evinced to analyze and verify when this system is in the stability region or in a chaotic regimen. Then, a robust controller is designed to drive the system variables from the chaotic regimen to stability so that these variables reach the equilibrium point in finite time. The robust controller is obtained by selecting an appropriate robust control Lyapunov function to obtain the resulting control law. For synchronization purposes, the novel chaotic system designed in this study is used as a drive and response system, considering that the error variable is implemented in a robust control Lyapunov function to drive this error variable to zero in finite time. In the control law design for stabilization and synchronization purposes, an extra state is provided to ensure that the saturated input sector condition must be mathematically tractable. A numerical experiment and simulation results are evinced, along with the respective discussion and conclusion.

Keywords: bifurcation; chaos synchronization; chaos theory; robust control; stabilization.