Study of the Behavior of Structural Materials Treated with Bioconsolidant

Materials (Basel). 2021 Sep 17;14(18):5369. doi: 10.3390/ma14185369.


In this article, the effectiveness of the bioconsolidation technique applied to degraded structural materials is illustrated as a new method of consolidation and conservation of the existing building heritage in a less invasive way. Satisfactory results have been obtained by an experimental campaign carried out through non-destructive diagnostic tests, static destructive mechanical tests, and microstructural analyses on a series of natural stone material specimens and artificial stone materials before and after the use of bioconsolidants. The consolidated specimens have been tested after three to four weeks after the application of the M3P nutritional solution on each specimen. The effect on the microstructure of this technique has also been observed using scanning electron microscope and optical photomicrograph, the formation of new calcium carbonate crystals promoting the structural consolidation of the materials under examination was observed in all the specimens analyzed.

Keywords: bioconsolidation; experimental campaign; mechanical tests; microstructural analysis; non-destructive tests.