Vitamin D Deficiency and Early Implant Failure: Outcomes from a Pre-surgical Supplementation Program on Vitamin D Levels and Antioxidant Scores

Oral Health Prev Dent. 2021 Jan 7;19(1):495-502. doi: 10.3290/j.ohpd.b2082063.


Purpose: Accumulating evidence has shown that vitamin D deficiency has been linked with an up to 300% increase in early implant failure. The aim of this study was to investigate a comprehensive pre-surgical dental support program (DentaMedica) on its ability to increase vitamin D and antioxidant levels prior to implant surgery.

Materials and methods: Twenty patients were enrolled in this study. To quantify vitamin D levels, two in-office vitamin D finger-prick tests (10-15 min in length) were compared to levels obtained from a standard laboratory blood test. An antioxidant testing device was also utilised to investigate the impact of this pre-surgical supplementation program on antioxidant scores 0 and 6 weeks post supplementation.

Results: It was first found that 65% of the population had an initial vitamin D deficiency (below 30 ug/ml). After supplementation, vitamin D levels increased from an average of 24.76 ng/ml to 50.11 ng/ml (ranging from 38 to 85.50 ng/ml). No statsitcally significant differences were observed between any of the 3 testing devices (2 in-office finger-prick tests and a standard blood sample). Initial antioxidant levels registered on the biophotonic unit averaged an antioxidant score of 27250 ± 10992.22. Following supplementation, an increase of 54% from baseline values (41950 ± 9276.31) was reported.

Conclusion: The results from this study show convincingly that the majority of the tested population was vitamin D deficient. It was further found that both in-office finger-prick devices demonstrated results comparable to standard lab scores (usually within an average 2-3 ng/ml). Following supplementation, all patients reached sufficient levels following this 4-6 week pre-surgical supplementation program specific to implant dentistry.

Keywords: DentaMedica; early implant failure; implant integration; osseointegration; vitamin D deficiency.

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