The detrimental effect of cell phone radiation on sperm biological characteristics in normozoospermic

Andrologia. 2021 Oct 10;e14257. doi: 10.1111/and.14257. Online ahead of print.


Radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phone has harmful effects on some organs of the body, such as the brain, heart, and testes. This study aimed to assess the effects of cell phones on sperm parameters, DNA fragmentation, and apoptosis in normozoospermic. Normal sperm samples were divided into two groups of control and case. The samples from the case were placed for 60 min at a distance of approximately 2.5 cm from the cell phone set in the active antenna position. Control samples were exposed to cell phones without active antennas. All specimens were analysed by World Health Organization criteria. Sperm viability, sperm with chromatin abnormality and maturity, DNA fragmentation, and apoptosis were examined. Viability and motility in the case were significantly lower than the control (p < .001, p = .004 respectively). The percentage of apoptotic sperms and DNA fragmentation were significantly higher in the case when compared with the control (p = .031, p < .001 respectively). The other parameters studied such as morphology, chromatin abnormality, and maturity showed no significant difference between the case and control groups. Cell phone waves had a detrimental effect on human sperm's biological features. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the cell phone away from the pelvis as much as possible.

Keywords: apoptosis; cell phone; electromagnetic radiation; sperm.