Roadside ditch macroplastic and other litter dataset in the Finger lakes region across land uses and COVID-19 pandemic

Data Brief. 2021 Sep 24:38:107425. doi: 10.1016/j.dib.2021.107425. eCollection 2021 Oct.


Litter was collected from 12 roadside ditches in the Finger lakes Region of New York State over two sampling periods: pre-COVID-19 pandemic and during COVID-19 pandemic. Litter pieces were washed in DI water, oven dried, massed and plastic-type visually determined. Macroplastic data was analysed to assess the impact of land use, traffic, and COVID-19 variables on macroplastic accumulation on a piece, mass, and plastic-type basis. These data are all litter pieces collected, including both plastics categorized as 1 through 7 in the RIC resin classification codes as well as non-plastic litter. These data have wide-ranging reuse potential, as terrestrial microplastic accumulation is not well documented. These data could be compared with other litter accumulation across regions, specifically to assess total environmental macroplastic loading and enable contaminant mitigation strategies. These data also have direct application to modelling and transport of macroplastics into surface water bodies as a result of road ditch sampling locations. Macroplastic accumulation data across varying land uses, traffic, and COVID-19 conditions has been published [1].

Keywords: Litter; Macroplastic; Plastic pollution; Roadside ditches; Terrestrial environment.