The healing effect of pulsed magnetic field on burn wounds

Burns. 2021 Jun 12;S0305-4179(21)00154-6. doi: 10.1016/j.burns.2021.06.001. Online ahead of print.


A burn is one of the most difficult injuries people can face.The primary pathology is coagulation necrosis resulting from tissue damage.Many wound care products have been developed to be used in situations such as the poor general condition of the patient and lack of solid area to be grafted. However, the high costs of these products make their use complicated.In this study, the effect of PEMF on cutaneous wound healing in an animal burn model was evaluated and the dose and duration of the magnetic field should be discussed for this effect to occur. Animals were divided into five groups including eight each (n = 40) (Groups 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).Group 1 was the control group; received no treatment after second-degree burn wound. Group 2 received daily wound care with saline. Group 3 received daily wound care with pomade containing mupirocin. Group 4 received Pulsed Electromagnetic Field signal for 60 min (1.5 m T and 40 Hz for seven days and Group 5 also received PEMF signal for 60 min the same frequency and intensity for14 days. Microscopically, second-degree burn wounds were successfully detected in all rats. Histopathological examination results in no significant difference between groups in neutrophil infiltration. The difference between the groups in vascularization was statistically significant between Group II and Group V (p < 0.001) and between Group I and Group V (p = 0.005) Epithelialization was present in 75% of the rats in Group V, while no epithelialization was observed in any of the other groups. In conclusion, we observed a significant improvement in the stasis zone of the group receiving Pulsed Electromagnetic Field for two weeks.

Keywords: Burn; Pulsed Electromagnetic Field; Wound healing.