Circulating Fluidized Bed Fly Ash Mixed Functional Cementitious Materials: Shrinkage Compensation of f-CaO, Autoclaved Hydration Characteristics and Environmental Performance

Materials (Basel). 2021 Oct 12;14(20):6004. doi: 10.3390/ma14206004.


Circulating fluidized bed (CFB) fly ash is a by-product from CFB power generation, which is hard to utilize in cement because it contains f-CaO and SO3. This work aims to explore the mechanism of the shrinkage compensation of free-CaO (f-CaO) and the autoclaved hydration characteristics and environmental performance of CFB fly ash mixed cementitious materials (CMM). In this work, long-term volume stability of CMM is improved with the addition of CFBFA. These findings suggest that the compressive strength of sample CMM0.5 is the highest under both standard condition (67.21 MPa) and autoclaved condition (89.56 MPa). Meanwhile, the expansion rate (0.0207%) of sample CMM0.5 is the lowest, which proves the shrinkage compensation effect of f-CaO in CFBFA. The main hydration products of CMM0.5 are Ca2SiO4•H2O (C-S-H) gel, CaAl2Si2O7(OH)2•H2O (C-A-S-H) gel and Ca(OH)2. In addition, the high polymerization degree of [Si(Al)O4] and the densified microstructure are presented at the sample CMM0.5. The leaching results indicates that the heavy metals in CMM0.5 satisfies the WHO standards for drinking water due to physical encapsulation and charge balance. Therefore, this investigation provides a novel method of using CFB fly ash in cement.

Keywords: autoclaved hydration; circulating fluidized bed fly ash; environmental performance; shrinkage compensation of f-CaO; volume stability.