Statistical Analysis and Optimisation of Data for the Design and Evaluation of the Shear Spinning Process

Materials (Basel). 2021 Oct 15;14(20):6099. doi: 10.3390/ma14206099.


This work proposes a research method that is a scheme that can be universally applied in problems based on the selection of optimal parameters for metal forming processes. For this purpose, statistical data optimisation methods were used. The research was based on the analysis of the shear spinning tests performed in industrial conditions. The process of shear spinning was conducted on the components made of Inconel 625 nickel superalloy. It was necessary to select the appropriate experimental plan, which, by minimising the number of trials, allowed one to draw conclusions on the influence of process parameters on the final quality of the product and was the starting point for their optimisation. The orthogonal design 2III3-1 is the only design for three factors at two levels, providing non-trivial and statistically significant information on the main effects and interactions for the four samples. The samples were analysed for shape and dimensions using an Atos Core 200 3D scanner. Three-dimensional scanning data allowed the influence of the technological parameters of the process on quality indicators, and thus on the subsequent optimisation of the process, to be determined. The methods used proved to be effective in the design, evaluation and verification of the process.

Keywords: 3D scanning; design of experiments; statistical optimisation; superalloy.