The Neural Basis of Skull Vibration Induced Nystagmus (SVIN)

Audiol Res. 2021 Oct 14;11(4):557-566. doi: 10.3390/audiolres11040050.


I list a summary of the major clinical observations of SVIN in patients with total unilateral vestibular loss (TUVL) and show how basic results from neurophysiology can explain these clinical observations. The account integrates results from single neuron recordings of identified semicircular canal and otolith afferent neurons in guinea pigs in response to low frequency skull vibration with evidence of the eye movement response in cats to selective semicircular canal stimulation (both individual and combined) and a simple model of nystagmus generation to show how these results explain most of the major characteristics of SVIN.

Keywords: VEMP; labyrinth; otolith; saccular; semicircular canal; utricular; vestibular.

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  • Review