A Rare Case of Posterior Fossa Tumor and Central Precocious Puberty: Case Presentation and Review of the Literature

Neurol Int. 2021 Oct 20;13(4):535-540. doi: 10.3390/neurolint13040053.


Central precocious puberty (CPP) is a condition that causes early gonadotropin-dependent sexual development; CPP is idiopathic in girls in most cases, whereas more than 50% of boys have an identifiable etiology. We conducted a qualitative systematic review following the ENTREQ (enhancing transparency in reporting the synthesis of qualitative research) framework. A search was made in MEDLINE/Pubmed and MeSH Database using the terms "precocious puberty" AND "brain tumor" OR "posterior fossa tumor" OR "cerebellar tumor" OR "infratentorial tumor", identifying five cases of pediatric patients with infratentorial tumors and CPP and a case of cerebellar ganglioglioma without hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis involvement and/or intracranial hypertension. Our work highlights the importance of a multidisciplinary approach and extensive central nervous system imaging for patients presenting with CPP in order to detect possible tumor association. Moreover, we believe that this manuscript could contribute to stimulate other research because the exact mechanism of CPP in infratentorial brain lesions has not been understood yet.

Keywords: CPP; SNC; ganglioglioma; neuroradiology.

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  • Case Reports