Up-regulation of FOXN3-AS1 in invasive ductal carcinoma of breast cancer patients

Heliyon. 2021 Oct 14;7(10):e08179. doi: 10.1016/j.heliyon.2021.e08179. eCollection 2021 Oct.


Oncogenic and tumor-suppressive roles of long non-coding RNA make them an appropriate target for expression analysis in cancer studies. In this study, we selected two lncRNAs (EMX2OS and FOXN3-AS1) that are resided near the GWAS-identified SNPs for breast cancer (rs2901157 and rs141061110). These transcripts have been identified in different cancer types as either oncogenes or tumor suppressors. In the present investigation, we aimed to quantify the expression level of EMX2OS and FOXN3-AS1 in 44 breast cancer samples and normal adjacent tissues (ANCTs). The FOXN3-AS1 expression level was significantly increased in breast cancer samples compared with ANCTs (P value = 0.02), Also its amounts could distinguish two sets of samples with an accuracy of 70% (P value = 0.009). We have found an association between FOXN3-AS1 expression and tumor size (P value = 0.02). On the other hand, no significant differences were found in the EMX2OS expression level between two sets of samples (P value = 0.44); however, EMX2OS expression level has a significant association with the age of the patients (P value = 0.03). According to our result, FOXN3-AS1 can be demonstrated as a probable diagnostic marker in breast cancer so we suggest further functional studies to find the precise role of these lncRNAs in breast cancer progression.

Keywords: Breast cancer; EMX2OS; FOXN3-AS1; GWAS.