Light-sheet fluorescence microscopy for the in vivo study of microtubule dynamics in the zebrafish embryo

Biomed Opt Express. 2021 Sep 13;12(10):6237-6254. doi: 10.1364/BOE.438402. eCollection 2021 Oct 1.


During its first hours of development, the zebrafish embryo presents a large microtubule array in the yolk region, essential for its development. Despite of its size and dynamic behavior, this network has been studied only in limited field of views or in fixed samples. We designed and implemented different strategies in Light Sheet Fluorescence microscopy for imaging the entire yolk microtubule (MT) network in vivo. These have allowed us to develop a novel image analysis from which we clearly observe a cyclical re-arrangement of the entire MT network in synchrony with blastoderm mitotic waves. These dynamics also affect a previously unreported microtubule array deep within the yolk, here described. These findings provide a new vision of the zebrafish yolk microtubules arrangement, and offers novel insights in the interaction between mitotic events and microtubules reorganization.