Reproduction, skin aging, and sleep in middle-aged women

Clin Dermatol. 2022 Nov-Dec;40(6):813-819. doi: 10.1016/j.clindermatol.2021.11.001. Epub 2021 Nov 13.


There is a growing trend for women to delay having children, with a significant number of women postponing motherhood until the third or fourth decade of life. At the same time, these middle-aged women may be more concerned about skin aging and use dermatologic procedures to delay or repair the effects of aging, environmental factors, and oxidative stress on the skin. It has been suggested that the use of skin cosmetics and procedures may play a role in the reproductive system, although their possible effects have not yet been clearly elucidated. Another crucial factor that needs to be raised in this context is poor sleep, which seems to have an important relationship with both reduced fertility and accelerated skin aging, especially when it is associated with greater oxidative stress and hormonal imbalance. This review discusses the important triad of sleep, dermatology, and reproduction, a subject that has received relatively little attention; and, given its potentially wide-ranging implications, one that deserves more frequent and detailed consideration in future studies. Understanding this complex web of interactions could help to provide outcomes that include healthier skin, safety, improved self-esteem, and successful fertility treatments, all of which can directly affect quality of life.

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