Zernike Moment Based Classification of Cosmic Ray Candidate Hits from CMOS Sensors

Sensors (Basel). 2021 Nov 19;21(22):7718. doi: 10.3390/s21227718.


Reliable tools for artefact rejection and signal classification are a must for cosmic ray detection experiments based on CMOS technology. In this paper, we analyse the fitness of several feature-based statistical classifiers for the classification of particle candidate hits in four categories: spots, tracks, worms and artefacts. We use Zernike moments of the image function as feature carriers and propose a preprocessing and denoising scheme to make the feature extraction more efficient. As opposed to convolution neural network classifiers, the feature-based classifiers allow for establishing a connection between features and geometrical properties of candidate hits. Apart from basic classifiers we also consider their ensemble extensions and find these extensions generally better performing than basic versions, with an average recognition accuracy of 88%.

Keywords: CMOS sensors; Zernike moments; computer vision; feature-based classification; machine learning.

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