Challenges and strategy in treatment with exosomes for cell-free-based tissue engineering in dentistry

Future Sci OA. 2021 Oct 28;7(10):FSO751. doi: 10.2144/fsoa-2021-0050. eCollection 2021 Dec.


In dentistry, problems of craniofacial, osteochondral, periodontal tissue, nerve, pulp or endodontics injuries, and osteoarthritis need regenerative therapy. The use of stem cells in dental tissue engineering pays a lot of increased attention, but there are challenges for its clinical applications. Therefore, cell-free-based tissue engineering using exosomes isolated from stem cells is regarded an alternative approach in regenerative dentistry. However, practical use of exosome is restricted by limited secretion capability of cells. For future regenerative treatment with exosomes, efficient strategies for large-scale clinical applications are being studied, including the use of ceramics-based scaffold to enhance exosome production and secretion which can resolve limited exosome secretory from the cells when compared with the existing methods available. Indeed, more research needs to be done on these strategies going forward.

Keywords: MSC; cell-free-based therapy; ceramics-based scaffold; exosome; regenerative dentistry; tissue engineering.

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  • Review