Identification of transcription factors and construction of a novel miRNA regulatory network in primary osteoarthritis by integrated analysis

BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2021 Dec 2;22(1):1008. doi: 10.1186/s12891-021-04894-2.


Backgrounds: As osteoarthritis (OA) disease-modifying therapies are not available, novel therapeutic targets need to be discovered and prioritized. Here, we aim to identify miRNA signatures in patients to fully elucidate regulatory mechanism of OA pathogenesis and advance in basic understanding of the genetic etiology of OA.

Methods: Six participants (3 OA and 3 controls) were recruited and serum samples were assayed through RNA sequencing (RNA-seq). And, RNA-seq dataset was analysed to identify genes, pathways and regulatory networks dysregulated in OA. The overlapped differentially expressed microRNAs (DEMs) were further screened in combination with the microarray dataset GSE143514. The expression levels of candidate miRNAs were further validated by quantitative real-time PCR (qRT-PCR) based on the GEO dataset (GSE114007).

Results: Serum samples were sequenced interrogating 382 miRNAs. After screening of independent samples and GEO database, the two comparison datasets shared 19 overlapped candidate micRNAs. Of these, 9 up-regulated DEMs and 10 down-regulated DEMs were detected, respectively. There were 236 target genes for up-regulated DEMs and 400 target genes for those down-regulated DEMs. For up-regulated DEMs, the top 10 hub genes were KRAS, NRAS, CDC42, GDNF, SOS1, PIK3R3, GSK3B, IRS2, GNG12, and PRKCA; for down-regulated DEMs, the top 10 hub genes were NR3C1, PPARGC1A, SUMO1, MEF2C, FOXO3, PPP1CB, MAP2K1, RARA, RHOC, CDC23, and CREB3L2. Mir-584-5p-KRAS, mir-183-5p-NRAS, mir-4435-PIK3R3, and mir-4435-SOS1 were identified as four potential regulatory pathways by integrated analysis.

Conclusions: We have integrated differential expression data to reveal putative genes and detected four potential miRNA-target gene pathways through bioinformatics analysis that represent new mediators of abnormal gene expression and promising therapeutic targets in OA.

Keywords: Bioinformatics analysis; Circulating microRNAs; Osteoarthritis; RNA sequencing.

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