Experimental Detection and Measurement of Crack-Type Damage Features in Composite Thin-Wall Beams Using Modal Analysis

Sensors (Basel). 2021 Dec 3;21(23):8102. doi: 10.3390/s21238102.


An experimental proof-of-concept for damage detection in composite beams using modal analysis has been conducted. The purpose was to demonstrate that damage features can be detected, located, and measured on the surface of a relatively complex thin-wall beam made from composite material. (1) Background: previous work has been limited to the study of simple geometries and materials. (2) Methods: damage detection in the work is based on the accurate measurement of mode shapes and an appropriate design of the detection mesh. Both a method requiring information about the healthy structure and a baseline-free method have been implemented. (3) Results: short crack-type damage features, both longitudinal and transverse, were detected reliably, and the true length of the crack can be estimated from the damage signal. Simultaneous detection of two cracks on the same sample is also possible. (4) This work demonstrates the feasibility of automated damage detection in composite beams using sensor arrays.

Keywords: composite structures; damage detection; laser vibrometer; modal parameters.