Gp-100 as a Novel Therapeutic Target in Uveal Melanoma

Cancers (Basel). 2021 Nov 27;13(23):5968. doi: 10.3390/cancers13235968.


Uveal melanoma is a rare neoplasm with poor prognosis in the metastatic setting. Unlike cutaneous melanoma, treatment with kinase inhibitors or immune checkpoint inhibitors is not effective. Glycoprotein 100 (Gp-100) is a protein highly expressed in melanocytes and melanoma that has recently been effectively targeted by tebentafusp, a first-in-class bispecific protein of the immune-mobilizing monoclonal T cell receptors against cancer (ImmTACs) family. Tebentafusp targets tumor cells that express a peptide of Gp-100 presented by HLA*A0201, creating an immune synapse that kills targeted tumor cells. Recently, a randomized phase III trial reported an overall survival benefit for tebentafusp in patients with untreated metastatic uveal melanoma. The aim of this comprehensive review is to summarize evidence of Gp-100 as a therapeutic target in melanoma, and the preclinical and clinical development of tebentafusp as a novel therapeutic strategy for patients with uveal melanoma.

Keywords: glycoprotein 100; tebentafusp; uveal melanoma.

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  • Review