Mechanical Properties of Polymer-Based Blanks for Machined Dental Restorations

Materials (Basel). 2021 Nov 29;14(23):7293. doi: 10.3390/ma14237293.


The tremendous technological and dental material progress led to a progressive advancement of treatment technologies and materials in restorative dentistry and prosthodontics. In this approach, CAD/CAM restorations have proven to be valuable restorative dental materials in both provisional and definitive restoration, owing to multifarious design, improved and highly tunable mechanical, physical and morphological properties. Thus far, the dentistry market offers a wide range of CAD/CAM restorative dental materials with highly sophisticated design and proper characteristics for a particular clinical problem or multiple dentistry purposes. The main goal of this research study was to comparatively investigate the micro-mechanical properties of various CAD/CAM restorations, which are presented on the market and used in clinical dentistry. Among the investigated dental specimens, hybrid ceramic-based CAD/CAM presented the highest micro-mechanical properties, followed by CAD/CAM PMMA-graphene, while the lowest micro-mechanical features were registered for CAD/CAM multilayered PMMA.

Keywords: CAD/CAM technology; dental tissue; micro-mechanical properties; restorative dental materials.