Implementation of an assistive technology for meal preparation within a supported residence for adults with acquired brain injury: a mixed-methods single case study

Disabil Rehabil Assist Technol. 2021 Dec 17;1-17. doi: 10.1080/17483107.2021.2005163. Online ahead of print.


Objectives: This study aimed to investigate the feasibility of implementing an assistive technology for meal preparation called COOK within a supported community residence for a person with an acquired brain injury.

Methods: Using a mixed-methods approach, a multiple baseline single-case experimental design and a descriptive qualitative study were conducted. The participant was a 47-year-old woman with cognitive impairments following a severe stroke. She received 21 sessions of training on using COOK within a shared kitchen space. During meal preparation, independence and safety were evaluated using three target behaviours: required assistance, task performance errors, and appropriate responses to safety issues, which were compared with an untrained control task, making a budget. Benefits, barriers, and facilitators were assessed via three individual interviews with the client and three focus groups with the care team.

Results: Both quantitative and qualitative analyses showed that COOK significantly increased independence and safety during meal preparation but not in the control task. Stakeholders suggested that the availability of a training toolkit to a greater number of therapists at the residence and installation of COOK within the client's apartment would help with successful adoption of this technology.

Conclusion: COOK is a promising assistive technology for individuals with cognitive deficits who live in supported community residences.Implication For RehabilitationCOOK is a promising assistive technology for cognition to increase independence and safety in meal preparation for clients with ABI within their supported living contexts.Receiving training from an expert and the availability of technical support are imperative to the successful adoption of COOK.

Keywords: Acquired brain injury; assistive technology for cognition; cognitive rehabilitation; feasibility; meal preparation.