Membranes for the Gas/Liquid Phase Separation at Elevated Temperatures: Characterization of the Liquid Entry Pressure

Membranes (Basel). 2021 Nov 23;11(12):907. doi: 10.3390/membranes11120907.


Hydrophobic membranes were characterized at elevated temperatures. Pressure was applied at the feed and permeate side to ensure liquid phase conditions. Within this scope, the applicability of different polymeric and ceramic membranes in terms of liquid entry pressure was studied using water. The Visual Method and the Pressure Step Method were applied for the experimental investigation. The results show the Pressure Step Method to be an early detection method. The tests at higher pressure and temperature conditions using the Pressure Step Method revealed the temperature as being the main factor affecting the liquid entry pressure. Novel LEP data up to 120 °C and 2.5 bar were obtained, which broadens the application range of hydrophobic membranes.

Keywords: high temperature; hydrophobic membrane; liquid entry pressure; membrane distillation; steam removal.