Inequalities for Jensen-Sharma-Mittal and Jeffreys-Sharma-Mittal Type f-Divergences

Entropy (Basel). 2021 Dec 16;23(12):1688. doi: 10.3390/e23121688.


In this paper, we introduce new divergences called Jensen-Sharma-Mittal and Jeffreys-Sharma-Mittal in relation to convex functions. Some theorems, which give the lower and upper bounds for two new introduced divergences, are provided. The obtained results imply some new inequalities corresponding to known divergences. Some examples, which show that these are the generalizations of Rényi, Tsallis, and Kullback-Leibler types of divergences, are provided in order to show a few applications of new divergences.

Keywords: Csiszár f-divergence; Jeffreys–Sharma–Mittal divergence; Jensen–Sharma–Mittal divergence; Sharma–Mittal f-divergence; convex function.