Opportunities and Problems of the Consensus Conferences in the Care Robotics

Healthcare (Basel). 2021 Nov 24;9(12):1624. doi: 10.3390/healthcare9121624.


Care robots represent an opportunity for the health domain. The use of these devices has important implications. They can be used in surgical operating rooms in important and delicate clinical interventions, in motion, in training-and-simulation, and cognitive and rehabilitation processes. They are involved in continuous processes of evolution in technology and clinical practice. Therefore, the introduction into routine clinical practice is difficult because this needs the stability and the standardization of processes. The agreement tools, in this case, are of primary importance for the clinical acceptance and introduction. The opinion focuses on the Consensus Conference tool and: (a) highlights its potential in the field; (b) explores the state of use; (c) detects the peculiarities and problems (d) expresses ideas on how improve its diffusion.

Keywords: acceptance; artificial intelligence; clinical acceptance; collaborative robots; consensus conference; cyber risk; e-health; electronic surveys; informatics; m-health; medical devices; organization models; rehabilitation; robotics; social robots.