The mitochondrial DNA constitution shaping T-cell immunity in patients with rectal cancer at high risk of metastatic progression

Clin Transl Oncol. 2021 Dec 27. doi: 10.1007/s12094-021-02756-w. Online ahead of print.


Purpose: A significant percentage of colorectal cancer patients proceeds to metastatic disease. We hypothesised that mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) polymorphisms, generated by the high mtDNA mutation rate of energy-demanding clonal immune cell expansions and assessable in peripheral blood, reflect how efficiently systemic immunity impedes metastasis.

Patients and methods: We studied 44 rectal cancer patients from a population-based prospective biomarker study, given curative-intent neoadjuvant radiation and radical surgery for high-risk tumour stage and followed for metastatic failure. Blood specimens were sampled at the time of diagnosis and analysed for the full-length mtDNA sequence, composition of immune cell subpopulations and damaged serum mtDNA.

Results: Whole blood total mtDNA variant number above the median value for the study cohort, coexisting with an mtDNA non-H haplogroup, was representative for the mtDNA of circulating immune cells and associated with low risk of a metastatic event. Abundant mtDNA variants correlated with proliferating helper T cells and cytotoxic effector T cells in the circulation. Patients without metastatic progression had high relative levels of circulating tumour-targeting effector T cells and, of note, the naïve (LAG-3+) helper T-cell population, with the proportion of LAG-3+ cells inversely correlating with cell-free damaged mtDNA in serum known to cause antagonising inflammation.

Conclusion: Numerous mtDNA polymorphisms in peripheral blood reflected clonal expansion of circulating helper and cytotoxic T-cell populations in patients without metastatic failure. The statistical associations suggested that patient's constitutional mtDNA manifests the helper T-cell capacity to mount immunity that controls metastatic susceptibility.

Trial registration: NCT01816607; registration date: 22 March 2013.

Keywords: CD4; Colorectal cancer; Immune cells; Metastasis; Mitochondrial DNA.

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