Safety and Efficacy of VP-102 (Cantharidin, 0.7% w/v) in Molluscum Contagiosum by Body Region: Post hoc Pooled Analyses from Two Phase III Randomized Trials

J Clin Aesthet Dermatol. 2021 Oct;14(10):42-47.


Trial registration: > identifier nos. NCT03377790 (for CAMP-1) and NCT03377803 (for CAMP-2).

Background: VP-102 is drug-device combination product containing cantharidin (0.7% w/v) and has undergone Phase III clinical trials for the treatment of molluscum contagiosum (molluscum). Efficacy and safety may differ by body region due to variable skin anatomy.

Objective: We investigated the pooled safety and efficacy of VP-102 by affected body region.

Methods: Individuals at least two years of age with molluscum were randomized to topical VP-102 or vehicle once every 21 days until clear (maximum of four applications). Participants were assigned to body region groups where lesions were present at baseline. Body region lesion counts were recorded at each visit. Efficacy was measured by the percentage of participants with complete clearance of lesions by region. Pre-specified adverse events (AEs) were analyzed for those treated in the region on that visit.

Results: Participants had a mean of two regions affected at baseline. Complete clearance was significantly higher in the VP-102-treated group than with vehicle application in all regions at the last visit (P<0.01 for each region). The incidence of pre-specified AEs was consistent across regions. However, these analyses were post hoc, and individual lesions were not tracked for efficacy.

Conclusion: VP-102 treatment shows consistent safety and efficacy across molluscum body regions.

Keywords: Child; VP-102; cantharidin; incidence; infectious disease; lesion; molluscum; molluscum contagiosum; pediatric; sensitive skin; topical.

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