FoxO-KLF15 pathway switches the flow of macronutrients under the control of insulin

iScience. 2021 Nov 15;24(12):103446. doi: 10.1016/j.isci.2021.103446. eCollection 2021 Dec 17.


KLF15 is a transcription factor that plays an important role in the activation of gluconeogenesis from amino acids as well as the suppression of lipogenesis from glucose. Here we identified the transcription start site of liver-specific KLF15 transcript and showed that FoxO1/3 transcriptionally regulates Klf15 gene expression by directly binding to the liver-specific Klf15 promoter. To achieve this, we performed a precise in vivo promoter analysis combined with the genome-wide transcription-factor-screening method "TFEL scan", using our original Transcription Factor Expression Library (TFEL), which covers nearly all the transcription factors in the mouse genome. Hepatic Klf15 expression is significantly increased via FoxOs by attenuating insulin signaling. Furthermore, FoxOs elevate the expression levels of amino acid catabolic enzymes and suppress SREBP-1c via KLF15, resulting in accelerated amino acid breakdown and suppressed lipogenesis during fasting. Thus, the FoxO-KLF15 pathway contributes to switching the macronutrient flow in the liver under the control of insulin.

Keywords: Diabetology; Molecular biology; Molecular network.