Characterization of structural and optical properties of Mn2+ -doped Zn2 GeO4 nanorods as an efficient green phosphor for solid-state lighting

Luminescence. 2022 Apr;37(4):577-587. doi: 10.1002/bio.4191. Epub 2022 Feb 5.


A series of Mn2+ -doped zinc germinate ZGO:xMn2+ (x = 0-0.05) nanorods was synthesized successfully using a hydrothermal method. XRD revealed that crystal phases of the ZGO:xMn2+ were rhombohedral and in the R-3 space group. The Williamson-Hall equation was also used to explain the strain, nanocrystalline size, and stacking fault. Green LEDs were successfully fabricated by coating ZGO:Mn2+ nanorods onto UV-LED chips. For high color purity, CIE of the fabricated green LEDs were (0.2404, 0.5428), which made this material a promising candidate for fabrication of UV-based green LEDs.

Keywords: Zn2GeO4; luminescence; nanoparticles; nanorod; optoelectronics.