Detection of NS1 protein from dengue virus in excreta and homogenates of wild-caught Aedes aegypti mosquitoes using monoclonal antibodies

Pathog Dis. 2022 Jan 10;ftac002. doi: 10.1093/femspd/ftac002. Online ahead of print.


Dengue fever is one of the most devastating infectious diseases worldwide. Development of methods for DENV detection in mosquitoes to assess prevalence as a preliminary screen for entomological surveillance in endemic regions of DENV will certainly contribute to the control of the disease. Production of a monoclonal antibody against the NS1 viral protein was generated using recombinant NS1 protein and used to detect and analyze DENV in both excreta and total homogenates from Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. Results demonstrated expression of NS1 in excreta of DENV laboratory infected mosquitoes and homogenates from field mosquitoes infected with DENV. The immunodetection method reported here represents a first-line strategy for assessing the prevalence of DENV in mosquitoes, for entomological surveillance in endemic regions of dengue. Detection of DENV prevalence in field mosquitoes could have an impact on vector surveillance measures to interrupt dengue transmission.

Keywords: Aedes aegypti; DENV; Monoclonal antibodies; Nonstructural protein 1.