Enhanced multimodal biometric recognition approach for smart cities based on an optimized fuzzy genetic algorithm

Sci Rep. 2022 Jan 12;12(1):622. doi: 10.1038/s41598-021-04652-3.


Biometric security is a major emerging concern in the field of data security. In recent years, research initiatives in the field of biometrics have grown at an exponential rate. The multimodal biometric technique with enhanced accuracy and recognition rate for smart cities is still a challenging issue. This paper proposes an enhanced multimodal biometric technique for a smart city that is based on score-level fusion. Specifically, the proposed approach provides a solution to the existing challenges by providing a multimodal fusion technique with an optimized fuzzy genetic algorithm providing enhanced performance. Experiments with different biometric environments reveal significant improvements over existing strategies. The result analysis shows that the proposed approach provides better performance in terms of the false acceptance rate, false rejection rate, equal error rate, precision, recall, and accuracy. The proposed scheme provides a higher accuracy rate of 99.88% and a lower equal error rate of 0.18%. The vital part of this approach is the inclusion of a fuzzy strategy with soft computing techniques known as an optimized fuzzy genetic algorithm.