The Birth Plan Experience-A Pilot Qualitative Study in Southern Spain

Healthcare (Basel). 2022 Jan 4;10(1):95. doi: 10.3390/healthcare10010095.


Background: Healthcare systems advocate for quality care and humanized relations in routine birth care, and have therefore created the Birth Plan, a document available to pregnant women to state their preferences in relation to the birth process.

Methods: This qualitative research with a phenomenological design was carried out to record the experiences of women who presented a Birth Plan. Sample selection was carried out using non-probabilistic, intentional and convenience sampling, selecting seven participants who were willing to participate and share their experiences.

Results: After analyzing the content of the interviews, four categories emerged: "respecting the woman's wishes: humanizing the birth process", "information and primary Care", "expectations regarding the care received" and "results of using the birth plan", with their corresponding subcategories.

Conclusion: Women consider it beneficial to present a Birth Plan, because it informs them about the process and gives them the opportunity to have a better experience, which takes into account their preferences for making the delivery less instrumental. In addition, they state the importance of having trained professionals involved, and call for more attention to be paid to the birth process in general.

Keywords: birth plan; childbirth experience; prenatal care; satisfaction.