Scalable OneM2M IoT Open-Source Platform Evaluated in an SDN Optical Network Controller Scenario

Sensors (Basel). 2022 Jan 7;22(2):431. doi: 10.3390/s22020431.


Software Defined Networking represents a mature technology for the control of optical networks, though all open controller implementations present in the literature still lack the adequate level of maturity and completeness to be considered for (pre)-production network deployments. This work aims at experimenting on, assessing and discussing the use of the OneM2M open-source platform in the context of optical networks. Network elements and devices are implemented as IoT devices, and the control application is built on top of an OneM2M-compliant server. The work concretely addresses the scalability and flexibility performances of the proposed solution, accounting for the expected growth of optical networks. The two experiment scenarios show promising results and confirm that the OneM2M platform can be adopted in such a context, paving the way to other researches and studies.

Keywords: IoT; Mobius; OCEAN; ONOS; OneM2M; OpenDaylight; OpenROADM; SDN; controller; disaggregation; open standard; optical network.

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