Transcriptome analysis of miRNAs during myoblasts adipogenic differentiation

Anim Biotechnol. 2022 Jan 25;1-7. doi: 10.1080/10495398.2022.2028161. Online ahead of print.


Intramuscular fat content is closely related to meat quality traits and has high heritability. miRNAs are a class of small non-coding RNA, which are highly conserved in animals and play important regulatory roles in adipogenesis. Therefore, they can be used as molecular markers for meat quality traits. Herein, we used in vitro model of myoblasts adipogenic differentiation to screen differential miRNAs by RNA-seq. A total of 71 differentially miRNAs were filtered, including 31 up-regulated miRNAs and 40 down-regulated miRNAs. Since, we selected 18 miRNAs for RT-qPCR validation, including some miRNAs likely miR-146a-5p, miR-210-3p, miR-199a, miR-224, and miR-214-3p that play important regulatory roles in adipogenesis. In addition, functional enrichment analysis results revealed that members of miRNA target genes were enriched into insulin signaling pathway and MAPK signaling pathway, which are closely related to adipogenesis. Taken together, these data will contribute to further investigate the function of miRNAs in intramuscular fat deposition. These differentially miRNAs can be developed as biomarkers for animal breeding.

Keywords: Transcriptome; adipogenic differentiation; miRNAs; myoblasts.