Genotype-Phenotype Relationships in Inheritable Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: A Greek National Cohort Study

Respiration. 2022;101(6):531-543. doi: 10.1159/000520657. Epub 2022 Jan 25.


Background: Monogenic and polygenic inheritances are evidenced for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Pathogenic variations in surfactant protein-related genes, telomere-related genes (TRGs), and a single-nucleotide polymorphism in the promoter of MUC5B gene encoding mucin 5B (rs35705950 T risk allele) are reported. This French-Greek collaborative study, Gen-Phen-Re-GreekS in inheritable IPF (iIPF), aimed to investigate genetic components and patients' characteristics in the Greek national IPF cohort with suspected heritability.

Patients and methods: 150 patients with familial PF, personal-family extrapulmonary disease suggesting short telomere syndrome, and/or young age IPF were analyzed.

Results: MUC5B rs35705950 T risk allele was detected in 103 patients (90 heterozygous, 13 homozygous, allelic frequency of 39%), monoallelic TRG pathogenic variations in 19 patients (8 TERT, 5 TERC, 2 RTEL1, 2 PARN, 1 NOP10, and 1 NHP2), and biallelic ABCA3 pathogenic variations in 3. Overlapping MUC5B rs35705950 T risk allele and TRG pathogenic variations were shown in 11 patients (5 TERT, 3 TERC, 1 PARN, 1 NOP10, and 1 NHP2), MUC5B rs35705950 T risk allele, and biallelic ABCA3 pathogenic variations in 2. In 38 patients, neither MUC5B rs35705950 T risk allele nor TRG pathogenic variations were detectable. Kaplan-Meier curves showed differences in time-to-death (p = 0.025) where patients with MUC5B rs35705950 T risk allele alone or in combination with TRG pathogenic variations presented better prognosis.

Conclusion: The Gen-Phen-Re-GreekS in iIPF identified multiple and overlapping genetic components including the rarest, underlying disease's genetic "richesse," complexity and heterogeneity. Time-to-death differences may relate to diverse IPF pathogenetic mechanisms implicating "personalized" medical care driven by genotypes in the near future.

Keywords: Inheritable pulmonary fibrosis; MUC5B rs35705950 T risk allele; Pathogenic variations; Prognosis; Surfactant protein-related genes; Telomere-related genes.

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