Not COVID Toes: Pool Palms and Feet in Pediatric Patients

Cutis. 2021 Nov;108(5):276-295. doi: 10.12788/cutis.0385.


So-called COVID toes is probably the most publicized cutaneous manifestation of COVID-19. The parents of 4 patients pursued dermatology evaluation with concerns about COVID-19 infection in their children who presented with symmetric, focal, erythematous lesions of the hands or feet, or both. We elicited a history of extended time in swimming pools for the 4 patients that was associated with COVID-19 restrictions during summer months of the pandemic and recognized findings of frictional and pressure-induced erythema and scaling, leading to a diagnosis of pool palms and feet-an extension of pool palms. It is important to recognize this diagnosis and provide reassurance to the patients and caregivers because the condition warrants no notable workup or therapeutic intervention.

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