Dataset of outer tropical cyclone size from a radial wind profile

Data Brief. 2022 Jan 13;40:107825. doi: 10.1016/j.dib.2022.107825. eCollection 2022 Feb.


Pérez-Alarcón et al. [1] developed a comparative climatology of the outer radius of tropical cyclones (TCs) from several radial wind profiles. They showed that the Willoughby et al. (2006) (W06) profile can be used to reproduce the TC tangential wind speed; thus, this profile is skilful for estimating the TC outer radius. Here, we present a database of TC sizes estimated from the W06 radial wind profile in each cyclogenetic basin worldwide. The database incorporates the critical wind radii, where the tangential wind speed is approximately 17.5 ms-1 (R34), 26 ms-1 (R50), 33 ms-1 (R64), and 51 ms-1 (R100), estimated by the W06 profile. The database has a comma-delimited text format with six-hour information on the location, maximum wind speed, central pressure, and the different TC metrics mentioned above. This database has a similar structure to that of the Atlantic Hurricane Database (HURDAT2) of the National Hurricane Center. The database presented here is applicable to studies on TC storm surge risks as well as to the determination of the sources and sinks of atmospheric moisture related to tropical cyclogenesis processes.

Keywords: Tropical cyclone; Tropical cyclone climatology; Tropical cyclones database; Tropical cyclones size.