Southern inner ring road in Ljubljana: 2021 data set from traffic sensors installed as part of the citizen science project WeCount

Data Brief. 2022 Jan 28;41:107878. doi: 10.1016/j.dib.2022.107878. eCollection 2022 Apr.


The southern inner ring road in Ljubljana, Slovenia was equipped with low-cost sensors supported by the Telraam integrated platform. The sensors were built with open-source components (Raspberry PI). The software is running, and the counting data is collected and analysed via an internet portal ( The Telraam sensor counts pedestrians, cyclists, cars and freight/heavy vehicles using the images provided by the device sensor and the analysis performed by the "Raspberry Pi" (a small computer on which the device is based). The sensor software uses the size and speed of the passing object to determine and classify the different vehicles. The classification is based on the average observed full value and the axis ratio of each observed object (which meets a set of criteria that helps filter out any movement in the field of view that should be associated with road users). The five traffic sensors camera is mounted directly on the inside of the window glass facing the street at varying distances from the road (from 3 to 15 meters), where they count traffic only during daylight hours, update their count every hour and separate car traffic by direction.

Keywords: Bicycles; Cars; Citizens science; Large vehicles; Pedestrians; Traffic data.