Characterising Penetrometer Tip Contact during Concrete Condition Assessment

Sensors (Basel). 2022 Jan 19;22(3):737. doi: 10.3390/s22030737.


Concrete condition-assessing penetrometers need to be able to distinguish between making contact with a hard (concrete) surface as opposed to a semi-solid (corroded concrete) surface. We investigated whether different shaped tips of a cylindrical penetrometer were better than others at maintaining contact with concrete and not slipping. We designed a range of simple symmetric tip shapes, controlled by a single superellipse parameter. We performed a finite element analysis of these parametric models in SolidWorks before machining in stainless steel. We tested our penetrometer tips on a concrete paver cut to four angles at 20∘ increments. The results indicate that the squircle-shaped tip had the least slippage when used for concrete condition assessment.

Keywords: concrete; condition assessment; remaining life assessment; remote sensing.