HeartMath as an Integrative, Personal, Social, and Global Healthcare System

Healthcare (Basel). 2022 Feb 15;10(2):376. doi: 10.3390/healthcare10020376.


COVID-19 is a recent major event, adding to planet Earth's contexts of chaos, crime, injustice, illness, and violence. The HeartMath system has produced research evidence for scientific interventions that alter contexts characterized by chaos and stress, promoting health, coherence, and interconnectedness. This study provides an updated overview of HeartMath as an interdisciplinary, scientific, coherent, integral heart-based healthcare system, operated locally through various initiatives and globally through the Global Coherence Initiative. The HeartMath approach integrates ancient and contemporary, indigenous and mainstream, popular and folk, Eastern, Western, and African forms of healing. The HeartMath interdisciplinary, personal, social, and global vision and mission have considerable theoretical and practical potential for promoting planetary health, education, and development.

Keywords: Global Coherence Initiative; HeartMath; coherence; healthcare; interconnectedness.