Passive Photonic Integrated Circuits Elements Fabricated on a Silicon Nitride Platform

Materials (Basel). 2022 Feb 14;15(4):1398. doi: 10.3390/ma15041398.


The fabrication processes for silicon nitride photonic integrated circuits evolved from microelectronics components technology-basic processes have common roots and can be executed using the same type of equipment. In comparison to that of electronics components, passive photonic structures require fewer manufacturing steps and fabricated elements have larger critical dimensions. In this work, we present and discuss our first results on design and development of fundamental building blocks for silicon nitride integrated photonic platform. The scope of the work covers the full design and manufacturing chain, from numerical simulations of optical elements, design, and fabrication of the test structures to optical characterization and analysis the results. In particular, technological processes were developed and evaluated for fabrication of the waveguides (WGs), multimode interferometers (MMIs), and arrayed waveguide gratings (AWGs), which confirmed the potential of the technology and correctness of the proposed approach.

Keywords: arrayed waveguide grating; generic technology; photonic integrated circuits; photonic sensors; silicon nitride; silicon photonics.