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, 4 (1), 29-39

Effects of Piracetam on Developmental Dyslexia


Effects of Piracetam on Developmental Dyslexia

C R Wilsher. Int J Psychophysiol.


A new class of drugs (nootropics) are viewed from the perspective of their neuropsychological effect upon developmental dyslexia. Evidence from both the preclinical and clinical work conducted on Piracetam is briefly reviewed. The latest research on the effects of Piracetam in dyslexia shows a convergence of results. Attempts to replicate these results with dyslexia have only met with success in the areas of reading rate. In an attempt to find an independent replication of the Chase et al. (1984) finding, the author provides additional evidence on the effects of Piracetam on reading Rate X Accuracy in dyslexics.

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