Uhrf1 governs the proliferation and differentiation of muscle satellite cells

iScience. 2022 Feb 14;25(3):103928. doi: 10.1016/j.isci.2022.103928. eCollection 2022 Mar 18.


DNA methylation is an essential form of epigenetic regulation responsible for cellular identity. In muscle stem cells, termed satellite cells, DNA methylation patterns are tightly regulated during differentiation. However, it is unclear how these DNA methylation patterns affect the function of satellite cells. We demonstrate that a key epigenetic regulator, ubiquitin like with PHD and RING finger domains 1 (Uhrf1), is activated in proliferating myogenic cells but not expressed in quiescent satellite cells or differentiated myogenic cells in mice. Ablation of Uhrf1 in mouse satellite cells impairs their proliferation and differentiation, leading to failed muscle regeneration. Uhrf1-deficient myogenic cells exhibited aberrant upregulation of transcripts, including Sox9, with the reduction of DNA methylation level of their promoter and enhancer region. These findings show that Uhrf1 is a critical epigenetic regulator of proliferation and differentiation in satellite cells, by controlling cell-type-specific gene expression via maintenance of DNA methylation.

Keywords: Cell biology; Epigenetics; Stem cells research.