DAVID: a web server for functional enrichment analysis and functional annotation of gene lists (2021 update)

Nucleic Acids Res. 2022 Jul 5;50(W1):W216-W221. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkac194.


DAVID is a popular bioinformatics resource system including a web server and web service for functional annotation and enrichment analyses of gene lists. It consists of a comprehensive knowledgebase and a set of functional analysis tools. Here, we report all updates made in 2021. The DAVID Gene system was rebuilt to gain coverage of more organisms, which increased the taxonomy coverage from 17 399 to 55 464. All existing annotation types have been updated, if available, based on the new DAVID Gene system. Compared with the last version, the number of gene-term records for most annotation types within the updated Knowledgebase have significantly increased. Moreover, we have incorporated new annotations in the Knowledgebase including small molecule-gene interactions from PubChem, drug-gene interactions from DrugBank, tissue expression information from the Human Protein Atlas, disease information from DisGeNET, and pathways from WikiPathways and PathBank. Eight of ten subgroups split from Uniprot Keyword annotation were assigned to specific types. Finally, we added a species parameter for uploading a list of gene symbols to minimize the ambiguity between species, which increases the efficiency of the list upload and eliminates confusion for users. These current updates have significantly expanded the Knowledgebase and enhanced the discovery power of DAVID.

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