Introduction to the cognitive hospital

Future Healthc J. 2022 Mar;9(1):34-40. doi: 10.7861/fhj.2021-0016.


The third industrial revolution has radically impacted the transformation of hospitals. Through the adoption of key digital technologies, hospitals have become more accessible, flexible, organised, responsive and able to deliver more personalised care. The digitalisation of patient health records, one of the most remarkable achievements to date in healthcare management, has enabled new opportunities, including the idea of hospitals evolving to become artificially intelligent. In parallel, the adoption of electronic and mobile internet technologies in hospitals has introduced new structural concepts, seeing a variety of terms blossom such as 'smart', 'intelligent', 'green' and 'liquid'. Now in the early fourth industrial revolution, driven by AI and internet-of-things technologies, this article unveils a new concept adapted to the upcoming era.

Keywords: artificial intelligence; cognitive hospital; green hospital; intelligent hospital; smart hospital.