Uncover the Flavor Code of Roasted Sesame for Sesame Flavor Baijiu: Advance on the Revelation of Aroma Compounds in Sesame Flavor Baijiu by Means of Modern Separation Technology and Molecular Sensory Evaluation

Foods. 2022 Mar 29;11(7):998. doi: 10.3390/foods11070998.


Baijiu occupies an important position in the food industry of China and is deeply recognized as the national liquor of China. According to the flavor characteristics, Baijiu is artificially divided into 12 categories. The sesame flavor of Baijiu was accidentally discovered after the founding of the People's Republic of China. Sesame flavor Baijiu is known for its special aroma of roasted sesame, which attracts people's attention. Modern flavor extraction, separation technology, and flavor analysis technology, greatly promote the identification and evaluation of trace components and aroma compounds in Baijiu. Of note, it has successfully identified which aroma compounds are responsible for the special roasted sesame aroma in sesame flavor Baijiu. On this basis, this paper summarizes the extraction methods, detection techniques, analysis methods, aroma expression, and sensory evaluation methods that have been applied for the verification and evaluation of trace components and aroma compounds in Baijiu. More specifically, the research progress on the revelation of aroma compounds in sesame flavor Baijiu is systematically summarized. Next, people will focus on the changing mechanisms of aroma compounds and the metabolic regulation in Baijiu during brewing, which will be helpful for industrialization and the modern production of Baijiu.

Keywords: detection technique; evaluation methods; extraction method; sesame flavor Baijiu; trace components.

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  • Review