Self-Care in Nurses

J Radiol Nurs. 2022 Mar;41(1):22-27. doi: 10.1016/j.jradnu.2021.11.001. Epub 2021 Dec 31.


The health of nurses impacts the care of patients in healthcare settings today both inside and outside of hospitals. Many papers are written about nurses' burnout, depression, poor physical and mental health, weight gain, unhealthy eating patterns, back injury, moral negativity, and lack of job satisfaction. However, little attention has been paid to self-care in nurses. The goal of this paper is to discuss the importance of nurses caring for themselves as they work under stressful conditions regularly. Job satisfaction is necessary for nurses to have a healthy work-life balance and a desire to go to work. There are evidence-based interventions that can make a difference in a nurse's quality of life that can be implemented independently or within the work setting. Suggestions made by researchers include working less than 40 hr/week in a clinical setting, working a consistent time of day without rotations, expressing emotions, taking time to exercise, participating in a support group, and incorporating a place designated as a sanctuary in the clinical setting. Personal ways to improve health include preparing healthy meals before working a shift, getting proper sleep, utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy, participating in mindfulness training, and practicing stress reduction techniques.

Keywords: Job satisfaction; Nurses; Self-care; Wellbeing; Work environment.