A Combination of Mediterranean and Low-FODMAP Diets for Managing IBS Symptoms? Ask Your Gut!

Microorganisms. 2022 Mar 30;10(4):751. doi: 10.3390/microorganisms10040751.


Among other factors, food intolerance is cardinal in triggering irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms in a significant percentage of patients. As a result, specific dietary patterns are the first-line therapeutic approach. The low-FODMAP diet (LFD) is gaining ground as the most well-documented diet intervention that significantly reduces IBS symptoms. Though the LFD improves symptoms, the diet's impact on intestinal low-grade inflammation, one of the cardinal mechanisms contributing to symptom development, remains doubtful. On the other hand, the Mediterranean diet (MedDiet) is recommended for chronic low-grade inflammation-related diseases because of its anti-inflammatory properties, derived predominantly from olive oil and phenolic compounds. Thus far, the role of a modified LFD, enriched with the MedDiet's anti-inflammatory components, has not been evaluated in IBS patients. This review aims to examine the hypothesis of a potential combination of the immunomodulatory effects of the MedDiet with the LFD to improve IBS symptoms.

Keywords: Mediterranean diet; gut microbiota; inflammation; inflammatory bowel disease; irritable bowel syndrome; low-FODMAP diet.

Publication types

  • Review