Biomedical polymers: synthesis, properties, and applications

Sci China Chem. 2022;65(6):1010-1075. doi: 10.1007/s11426-022-1243-5. Epub 2022 Apr 24.


Biomedical polymers have been extensively developed for promising applications in a lot of biomedical fields, such as therapeutic medicine delivery, disease detection and diagnosis, biosensing, regenerative medicine, and disease treatment. In this review, we summarize the most recent advances in the synthesis and application of biomedical polymers, and discuss the comprehensive understanding of their property-function relationship for corresponding biomedical applications. In particular, a few burgeoning bioactive polymers, such as peptide/biomembrane/microorganism/cell-based biomedical polymers, are also introduced and highlighted as the emerging biomaterials for cancer precision therapy. Furthermore, the foreseeable challenges and outlook of the development of more efficient, healthier and safer biomedical polymers are discussed. We wish this systemic and comprehensive review on highlighting frontier progress of biomedical polymers could inspire and promote new breakthrough in fundamental research and clinical translation.

Keywords: biocompatibility; bioimaging and biosensing; biomedical polymer; cancer therapy; cytotoxicity; drug delivery; nanomedicine; regenerative medicine; tissue engineering.

Publication types

  • Review