RNA binding protein POP7 regulates ILF3 mRNA stability and expression to promote breast cancer progression

Cancer Sci. 2022 May 17. doi: 10.1111/cas.15430. Online ahead of print.


RNA Binding Proteins(RBPs)play pivotal roles in breast cancer (BC) development. As a RBP, Processing of precursor 7 (POP7) is one of the subunits of RNase P and RNase MRP, however, its exact function and mechanism in BC remain unknown. Here, we showed that expression of POP7 was frequently increased in breast cancer cells and in primary breast tumors. Up-regulated POP7 significantly promoted BC cell proliferation in vitro and primary tumor growth in vivo. POP7 also increased cell migration, invasion in vitro and lung metastasis in vivo. Through RNA-immunoprecipitation coupled with sequencing (RIP-seq), we found that POP7 bound preferentially to intron regions and POP7-binding peak associated genes were mainly enriched in cancer-related pathways. Further, POP7 regulated Interleukin Enhancer Binding Factor 3 (ILF3) expression through influencing its mRNA stability. Knockdown of ILF3 significantly impaired the increased malignant potential of POP7 over-expressing cells, suggesting that POP7 enhances BC progression through regulating ILF3 expression. Collectively, our findings provide the first evidence for the important role of POP7 and its regulation of ILF3 in promoting breast cancer progression.

Keywords: ILF3; POP7; RNA binding protein; breast cancer; mRNA stability.