Twisted Few-Mode Optical Fiber with Improved Height of Quasi-Step Refractive Index Profile

Sensors (Basel). 2022 Apr 19;22(9):3124. doi: 10.3390/s22093124.


This work presents designed and fabricated silica few-mode optical fiber (FMF) with induced twisting 10 and 66 revolutions per meter, core diameter 11 µm, typical "telecommunication" cladding diameter 125 µm, improved height of quasi-step refractive index profile and numerical aperture 0.22. Proposed FMF supports 4 guided modes over "C"-band. We discussed selection of specified optical fiber parameters to provide desired limited mode number over mentioned wavelength range. Some results of tests, performed with pilot samples of manufactured FMF, are represented, including experimentally measured spectral responses of laser-excited optical signals, that comprise researches and analysis of few-mode effects, occurring after fiber Bragg grating writing.

Keywords: differential mode delay; few-mode effects; fiber Bragg grating; laser beam profile; laser-based few-mode optical signal transmission; twisted optical fiber.