Components of Active Music Interventions in Therapeutic Settings-Present and Future Applications

Brain Sci. 2022 May 10;12(5):622. doi: 10.3390/brainsci12050622.


Musical interventions in therapy have become increasingly relevant for rehabilitation in many clinics. What was long known for physiotherapy training-that the agency of the participant is crucial and moving is much more efficient for rehabilitation success than being moved-has over recent years also been shown to be true for music therapy. Accumulating evidence suggests that active musical interventions are especially efficient at helping rehabilitation success. Here, we review various approaches to active music therapy. Furthermore, we present several components that allow for manipulating musical expressiveness and physical engagement during active musical interventions, applying a technology-based music feedback paradigm. This paper will allow for a transfer of insights to other domains of music-based therapeutic interventions.

Keywords: active music therapy; musical agency; physical exercise; rehabilitation.

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  • Review

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